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Ready to redefine your fitness journey? For just €15, you’ll experience seven days of Convoy’s transformative classes:


Strength Club: Sculpt lean, powerful muscles and unlock your inner athlete with our strength-focused workouts.

Metcon: Ignite your metabolism and shed fat with high-intensity metabolic conditioning workouts.

Mobility: Enhance your flexibility and range of motion, preventing injuries and promoting overall well-being.

Weightlifting: Build explosive strength and elevate your Olympic weightlifting game with our specialized training.


Join a vibrant fitness community and make this week the start of something incredible. Fitness isn’t a destination; it’s a thrilling journey. 

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Consistency is Key: Unlock Your Full Potential with a Membership!

At Convoy Gym, we understand that achieving your fitness goals requires commitment and consistency. That’s why our membership option is your ultimate ticket to success.

Why choose a membership? Because we believe in the power of a consistent training schedule. It’s the secret sauce behind remarkable progress and breakthrough results. You will also become part of our vibrant fitness community. Here, you’ll find the support, motivation, and inspiration to keep pushing your boundaries.

What classes? You can book your classes ahead to prevent the waitlist. You can choose from: Strength Club, Metcon, Olympic Weightlifting and Mobility.

3 Types of memberships: Choose Your Path to Success

At Convoy Gym, we offer three dynamic membership options, each tailored to your unique fitness journey.

Starter’s Edge Membership (1x per week) Perfect for those starting their fitness adventure. This membership offers a fantastic introduction to our group sessions, allowing you to explore various training styles at your own pace.

Progressive Power Membership (2x per week) Ready to elevate your fitness game? Our 2x per week membership provides an ideal balance between commitment and flexibility. With consistent training, you’ll experience accelerated progress and noticeable improvements.

Unlimited Dominator Membership (Unlimited access) The ultimate choice for dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Unleash your full potential with unlimited access to our classes. Maximize your gains, boost your strength, and achieve extraordinary results.

No matter which membership you choose, Convoy Gym is here to guide you toward your goals. The more you invest in your fitness journey, the greater your rewards. Join us today and discover the transformative power of consistent training!”

Group sessions memberships

Starter's Edge

1 session per week
17 Per week
  • Choose each week your preferred class
  • Book on tine to prevent the waitlist
  • Best membership to let your body adjust to next level training
  • Upgrade this membership anytime you want
  • Access to: strength club, mobility, metcon, weightlifting

Progressive Power

2 sessions per week
29 Per week
  • Enroll into your fitness journey
  • Enough rest to recover
  • Intense and effective sessions
  • Learn correct technique
  • International uplifting community
  • Daily classes
  • Book on time to prevent the waitlist

Unlimited Dominator

Unlimited sessions
35 Per week
  • Most popular
  • Open gym access
  • Go next level with power and strength
  • Gain more muscle mass
  • International motivating members
  • Experienced high level coaches
  • Daily classes
  • Open level
  • No show fee applicable
  • Unleash your inner athlete
  • Stronger every week
most Popular

Group sessions packages

Introducing our Group session Packages! These are perfect for those who desire flexibility while ensuring they don’t miss out on their preferred classes. With our Class Packages, you can buy 5 or 12 classes in advance, giving you the freedom to plan your workouts according to your schedule.

5 sessions package: Ideal for those with a dynamic routine, our 5-Class Package provides you with the versatility to choose the classes that suit you best. It’s perfect for when you want to maintain a consistent training schedule without the commitment of a full membership.

12 sessions package: For those who want to maximize their training experience and minimize waitlist stress, our 12-Class Package offers an extended range of sessions. This package empowers you to secure your spot in your favorite classes, ensuring you never miss a chance to train with us.

25 sessions package: this package is designed for those who are passionate about their fitness journey. It’s ideal if you want to explore a wide range of training sessions, master new skills, and enjoy the benefits of consistent exercise.


With our Class Packages, you can enjoy the benefits of Convoy’s expertly crafted sessions without the constraints of a fixed schedule. Discover the convenience and flexibility that our Class Packages provide and start your fitness journey today!

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