Flavorful Delight: Irresistible Chicken Curry Recipe to Spice Up Your Meals

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body with a recipe that ticks all the boxes: high in energizing carbs, perfect for pre-workout fuel, and a satisfying fullness that keeps you going. With the ideal protein-to-fat ratio, this dish helps you achieve your daily macro goals. But that’s not all! Prepare to savor the incredible flavors that bring joy to every bite. Because, let’s be honest, tasty food is simply the spice of life!

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– 100 grams of chicken thighs
– 200 ml Skimmed milk
– 150 grams Green beans
– 1 onion
– 1 tbsp Wok oil
– 200 cooked Pandan rice (love pandan)
– 3 tbsp Yellow curry powder
– 125 ml Water
– 1 Egg
– Pepper & salt

– 1/4 chicken stock cube

Optional extras:

– Homemade sambal (will provide a ready-to-eat link later)
– Chilli flakes
– 25 grams Huttekase  3,9% fats
– Cucumber


With these ingredients you’ll get one full plate (see picture) with 563 calories.


60% CARBS: 83 grams
30% PROTEINS: 42 grams
10% FATS: 5 grams

Step 1: Preparation & cook rice

Prepare yourself for a delightful rice adventure! Start by placing one cup of  rice into a pan or rice cooker (serving size: 1 portion). Rinse the rice thoroughly with cold water, stirring it multiple times until the water turns clear, bidding farewell to its milky appearance. Once rinsed, add the rice to the rice cooker and pour in one and a half cups of water. Hit the power button on your trusty rice cooker and let the magic happen. In the meantime, grab half an onion and give it a rough, chunky chop. We’re on our way to a sensational culinary creation!

Step 2: Non sticky pan

Get ready to fire up the stove for some sizzling action! Grab your trusty non-stick pan and place it over the highest heat setting, igniting the culinary stage. The beauty of a non-stick pan lies in its magic of minimal oil requirements, ensuring a healthier cooking experience. Allow the pan to reach scorching temperatures, patiently waiting for around 2 minutes, before gently brushing a touch of wok oil onto its surface. Meanwhile, prepare a cooking pan with water and carefully add your egg. Now, it’s time to infuse flavors by tossing in the chopped onions, letting them glaze to perfection. Join the party with succulent chicken thighs, allowing them to bask in the golden glory, while swiftly turning your attention to the task of bean cutting. And don’t forget, once the water surrounding the egg reaches a boiling point, set a timer for a precisely timed 6 minutes. Get ready for a culinary masterpiece in the making!

Step 3: Making the curry

Prepare for a flavor explosion as we combine the elements of a scrumptious yellow curry! Start by adding a cup of water, 1.5 cups of milk, 1/4 chicken stock cube, 3 tablespoons of yellow curry powder, and a sprinkle of pepper to the delightful mix of chicken and onions. For an extra touch of creamy goodness, feel free to incorporate the Huttekase. Give it a good stir, then gently nestle the beans on top, allowing the ensemble to simmer for a tantalizing 8-10 minutes. During this time, you’ll witness the magic as the water and milk gradually evaporate, leaving behind a smooth and delectable yellow curry. While this culinary alchemy takes place, let’s not forget about the rice and eggs. Once cooked to perfection, peel the eggs, weigh the rice, and assemble them harmoniously in a bowl. For an optional spicy kick, sprinkle some chili flakes and serve a refreshing cucumber on the side, drizzled with a delightful sour dressing. Now, it’s time to indulge! Relish every bite of this marvelous creation, and if you’re feeling extra generous, share your culinary masterpiece with us by tagging @convoy020 or sending us a WhatsApp message. We can’t wait to see your creation and celebrate your culinary prowess! Enjoy!

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