How to Dine Out and Stay Fit: 8 Expert Tips

You're out with friends, they're devouring greasy, cheesy, carb-loaded goodness, what should you do?? Here's the kicker – you don't have to choose between eating out and crushing your fitness goals. Say what?! Let me spill 8 tips to help you enjoy and find some restaurant tips below!
Discover 8 expert tips to enjoy dining out while staying on track with your fitness goals. From hunting for protein-packed dishes to managing cravings, we've got you covered

First tip: hunt for protein! Instead of hunting for the nearest fast-food joint or buttery fine dining options, aim for restaurants that offer protein-packed dishes. Not sure what is protein packed? Check this blog for: “10 protein sources that will transform your gains”.


Secondly: Swap ingredients. So, your favorite dish is essentially a calorie explosion? No sweat! Get creative. Eat half the burger bun order some extra grilled veggies, and voilà, you’ve got a healthier meal that won’t leave you with post-meal guilt.


Third tip: Check the menu online before heading out. Pre-decide your meal like a boss. Knowing what to order will save you from impulse decisions that could sabotage your gains. Stick to the plan!


Fourth tip: Share the love (and the Calories). Time to get your pals on board. Share a couple of appetizers and a main course. This way, you get to savor different flavors without overloading your calories. It’s like a food adventure minus the food coma.


Tip 5: Give a standing ovation to tip 5 because it’s a game-changer! Are you ready? Drumroll, please… order water! Yes, it’s that simple. No sugary sodas, no mega-calorie cocktails – just good old H2O. Trust me; your body will thank you. Cause did you know, 4 glasses of whine are as many calories as a biggg pizza?


Tip 6: Don’t let those oversized portions mess with your game. Ask for a doggie bag right away. Half your meal can be dinner for tomorrow, and you’ll be skipping the late-night fridge raid. Win-win!


Tip 7: Plan Your Indulgence Days. Eating out isn’t a sin; it’s a TREAT. Enjoy life and choose specific days to dine out, and let those be your reward days. This way, you can enjoy your meal without any guilt!


Tip 8: Own Your Cravings (Once in a While). So, you’ve been good all week, and you’re craving that decadent dessert. Go for it! One dessert won’t make or break your progress. The key is moderation (sharing is caring). If things are forbidden, you’ll probably just crave it more.


Bonus tip: As for the Amsterdam insider scoop: check out these Convoy-approved restaurants known for their protein-packed, mouthwatering dishes – Anam, Gaja Korean BBQ, Cannibale Royale, Sham Oost, JerkBay, O Mai, Saigon, Hakata Senpachi. And here’s the secret sauce: especially the Asian cuisine is our all-time favorite. It’s high in protein, loaded with veggies, and, the best part, no boring lettuce in sight.

So, there you have it, my food-loving friend. With these tricks up your sleeve, you can hit your fitness goals while savoring every bite. The goal is to be the best version of you, not the hangry salad enthusiast at the table.

Don’t be in the dark  – time to level up your knowledge and get stronger every week!

Team Convoy

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