Crispy Chicken Delight: Air Fryer Magic with Panko-Crusted Goodness

Get ready to experience a crispy chicken extravaganza like never before with our Air Fryer Crispy Chicken recipe! We’ve taken succulent chicken thighs, coated them in a golden panko crust, and transformed them into irresistible morsels of deliciousness. Served alongside refreshing cucumber, fluffy pandan rice, and your choice of tantalizing sauces like chili, teriyaki, hoisin, or sriracha, this dish will take your taste buds on a flavor-packed adventure. With the air fryer’s magic, you can achieve that perfect crunch without the excess oil. Optional garnishes like fresh cilantro and sesame seeds add a delightful touch. Get ready to indulge in a feast of crispy goodness that will leave you craving more.

healthy air fryer crispy chicken recipe

1 Bag of Panko 

50 grams of flour
100 grams of chicken thighs (we love this one #nospon)
a big chunk of cucumber
150 grams cooked pandan rice
1 tblsp wok oil or sesame oil
A big chunk of a big carrot
2 eggs

Chili sauce and/or teriyaki sauce and/or hoisin sauce and/or sriracha



Optionally: add koriander, sesame seeds



With these ingredients you’ll get one full plate (see picture at the top on the right) with 563 calories. 

50% CARBS: 70 grams

20% FATS: 15 grams

30 PROTEINS: 42 grams


0. Preheat the air fryer 

 1. Create 3 bowls: one with 1 beaten egg + pepper + salt, one with flour and one with panko.

2. Roll the chicken in the flour, then egg and lastly through the panko. Make sure its covered everywhere in every step

3. Do this carefully with all chicken and put them on a plate

4. Brush really softly some drips of wok oil on them

5. Put the (first) batch of chicken in the air fryer, on the highest stand and turn after 5 minutes to continue 5- 8 minutes. 


1. Wash your rice till your water isn’t milky anymore but clear

2. Put your rice in a rice cooker and add 1,5x an amount of water

3. Boil an egg 6 minutes


1. Slice the cucumber and cut the heart out

2. Grate the carrot

3. Take out the chicken and put in the next batch if you need to (depends on the size of air fryer). Keep your first batch warm in an oven on 180-degrees. 

recipe healthy junk food


1. Mix the a little chili sauce, with teriyaki sauce and some drips of sriracha: sweet and a bit spicy! You can add koriander if you fancy so!

2. Peel your egg and weight the rice.

3. Put it all together in a bowl, garnish it optionally with sesame seeds, chili flakes or koriander.

4. Don’t forget to tag us at @convoy020 when you eat it or let us know through WhatsApp. 

5. ENJOY! 

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