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Welcome to Convoy, the premier gym in Amsterdam that offers personalized training and small group classes. Our team is led by Matt, Celine, Valentijn and Olex, four passionate individuals dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

At Convoy, we pride ourselves on offering the best Rogue equipment and personalized training based on our own experiences. Join our community and experience the expertise and dedication of our trainers as we guide you towards reaching your fitness aspirations and get Stronger Every Week!

The best equipment

Our Rogue equipment is also seen at the CrossFit® Games, Arnold Classic, and USA Weightlifting

Personal experience

Our programming is all personalized, science-based and carefully made with years of experience

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Lift your fitness to a higher level with our motivating community
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Matt: Where fitness meets fun, and gains become your new best friend!

Matt’s life journey, steeped in discipline and determination from six years of military service, has now become your path to fitness excellence at Convoy Gym.

Inspired in Bali, his vision for Convoy has blossomed into a vibrant reality in Amsterdam, a place where ordinary people achieve extraordinary fitness transformations.

Matt’s versatility as an athlete, competing in CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, and explosive strength, has shaped Convoy’s high-level sports-oriented programming.

However, what truly sets Matt apart is his personal approach. He’s not just a coach; he’s your guide, mentor, and motivator, tailoring every program to your individual journey.

At Convoy, it’s about more than fitness; it’s about personal transformation. Matt’s meticulous programming empowers you to unleash your full potential.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of remarkable transformations and unlock your inner strength? Trust in Matt’s expertise and passion.

Join Convoy today and experience the difference. Matt is here to guide you to a stronger, healthier, and more extraordinary you. Let’s make greatness happen together!

Matt today

Matt in 2015

The catalysator to unleash and boost your strength

Meet Celine, your dedicated fitness guide with a unique background that sets her apart. From her academic journey to a career in strategic design, she’s on a mission to optimize your health and well-being. Celine is passionate about empowering you mentally and physically to help you unlock your full potential.

With her guidance, Celine will challenge you to push beyond your limits, always aiming for new heights. Her multifaceted approach combines extensive fitness expertise with a strategic mindset, prioritizing holistic growth in physical strength and mental resilience. Celine’s dedication and no-nonsense attitude ensure a transformative journey beyond the gym.

Join Celine and the Convoy community to redefine your limits. Together, you’ll create a remarkable story of growth, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Let Celine be your trusted guide on this extraordinary fitness journey.

P.S. Explore our blog, where Celine distills relevant research to elevate your fitness journey.

Valentijn's Fitness Journey: From Army Aspirations to Inspiring Others

Valentijn embarked on his fitness journey in 2016 with a clear goal in mind – to get fit for the army. With determination and hard work, he achieved his objective and began basic training at the infantry. Unfortunately, an injury during this training forced him to make a difficult decision – to step away from the army and follow his true passion: fitness.


Experiencing firsthand the transformative power of fitness while preparing for military service, Valentijn developed a deep appreciation for the training and lifestyle it encompassed. Driven by his desire to share this positive impact with others, he made the commitment to further his knowledge and skills by obtaining a degree as a certified trainer.


Having spent years dedicated to “regular” strength training, Valentijn discovered CrossFit two years ago, reigniting his passion for fitness. The dynamic and all-encompassing nature of CrossFit captured his heart once again, pushing him to challenge his limits and take part in individual competitions. Throughout this journey, he prioritizes one thing above all else – having fun in the process.


Valentijn’s unique blend of experience, dedication, and passion fuels his mission to inspire and empower others on their own fitness journeys. With a deep understanding of the transformative effects of fitness and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement, Valentijn stands ready to guide you towards your fitness goals.


Join Valentijn and discover how to unlock your full potential, improve your strength and endurance, and embrace a lifestyle of fitness and well-being. Book an intake here. 

Sitting IT professional turned fitness powerhouse. Ready to supercharge your gym journey!

Meet Oleksandr, or as we like to call him, “Olex with an X!”

Once upon a time, Olex was your typical IT guru, clocking a solid decade in the digital realm. But there was a catch; the sedentary office lifestyle had transformed him into the ultimate couch potato, with a few extra kilograms to prove it!

Olex’s story isn’t one of immediate athletic prowess; he’d flirted with various sports over the years – table tennis, tennis, rock climbing, and even the classic gym scene – but his sporting affairs usually ended quicker than a Tinder date.


Then came a turning point in his life: relationship hiccups and a turbulent political climate in his homeland. Seeking happiness and sanity, Olex embarked on a quest for something new. It was high time to take care of himself! Friends and family chimed in with advice, and guess what it was? Exercise.

And so, he found himself walking through the doors of Convoy. With curiosity bubbling, Olex ventured into group classes. That’s when the magic happened. He finally found what had been missing all those years – a spirited community and a network of support like no other!

This newfound support became his second family, banishing the specter of loneliness. As time passed, Olex delved into personal training with our coach Matt. Brace yourself; the results were nothing short of spectacular! In less than a year, he shed a decade’s worth of accumulated weight. Not just physically, but mentally, he transformed into a resilient, unshakeable powerhouse, ready to take on life’s challenges head-on. It has been the talk of the gym for months (and still is). 

The real kicker? Gym time was no longer a chore; it was an exhilarating countdown to each training session. Olex had found his passion and couldn’t wait to push his limits even further, every single time.

Catch Olex almost any day at Convoy, either giving group classes, working on his own fitness masterpiece, or hosting Open Gym sessions. Your fitness journey could be the next thrilling chapter at Convoy, and Olex can’t wait to be a part of it. Let’s do this!

Before: from IT professional

From IT Desk to Gym Beast: Alex's Unbelievable Transformation Will Leave You Speechless!

After: To Convoy coach

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