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Where gains are made, sweat is spilled, and excuses are left at the door. Unleash your fitness potential with our personal training and group classes, and take advantage of free personal training intakes and trial weeks to jump on board the #NoExcusesTrain.

Not working out is tough!

Discover the dire consequences of skipping Convoy: restless nights, expanding waistlines, frustration-induced hair loss, missed high-fives, and an unimpressive dating profile. Don’t let mediocrity be your sidekick. Join us for personal training and group classes that’ll turn you into a fitness legend. Embrace the gains, conquer the world, and never settle for less.


By addressing these frustrations through regular exercise and fitness programs, clients can experience increased energy, improved body composition, better health, enhanced physical performance, reduced stress, and a sense of personal growth and fulfillment.

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Science-Backed Workouts and Personal Guidance: Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Convoy!

Convoy is committed to helping customers transform their lives through personalized personal training, energizing group classes, and engaging strength training programs. By joining Convoy, customers can experience a stronger, fitter, and more confident version of themselves. With our expert guidance, motivating community, and science-based approach, customers can unlock their full potential and achieve their fitness goals, reaping the benefits of improved strength, enhanced health, increased energy, and boosted self-esteem. Convoy offers a transformative fitness experience that empowers individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

Get stronger every week!

Tired of feeling weaker than a wet noodle, lacking the energy of a sleepy sloth, and struggling to keep those pesky pounds at bay? Convoy to the rescue! Our personalized fitness solutions will turn you into a muscle-bound superhero, boost your energy levels to superhero proportions, and help you wave goodbye to those unwanted pounds. Join us on this epic adventure of personal growth and unleash your fitness potential

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Ready to join the empowering community of Convoy on your fitness journey? Here's your roadmap:

1. Schedule a free personal training intake to meet our experienced trainers, discuss your goals, and get a personalized plan.

2. Or try a trial week of group classes for an energizing experience with our supportive community.

3. Consult with our experts to refine your goals and choose your plan and embark on a transformative fitness journey!

Convoy gets you, my friend! You’re itching to level up—unleash your inner strength, radiate vitality, and crush the frustrations that trip up the rest. Weak muscles, low energy, and feeling stuck? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Fear not, for Convoy is your guide to an epic transformation. With our personal training and group classes, we’ve got the secret sauce to crush those obstacles and reveal your true potential. Join Convoy now, and let’s turn those dreams into reality, where you’ll be the superhero of your own kick-ass story. Get off that couch and let’s make it happen!

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Welcome to Convoy, where real people share their transformative fitness journeys.

Wondering what makes Convoy stand out from the rest? Look no further than the honest reviews from our valued members. Get an exclusive glimpse into their experiences and discover how Convoy has impacted their lives. Our members have found more than just a workout routine at Convoy; they’ve discovered a supportive community, effective training methods, and personalized guidance from passionate trainers. Through these authentic member reviews, you’ll uncover the reasons why Convoy is the go-to destination for achieving your fitness goals. Join the Convoy family and experience the power of genuine testimonials that speak volumes about our commitment to your success.

I would easily say that this is the best PT experience I ever had. Very cautious to my health issues, great focus on technique and amazing community to be in. As a result in six month gained 13kg of muscle mass with some incredible performance results!
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Alex K
Personal training
I started doing personal training at Convoy a few months ago and it has been really great! They take a very personalized approach to training which allowed me to focus on my goals and make a lot of progress much faster than I expected.
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personal training
Turns out, exercising can be fun 🙂 I have been going here for 3 or 4 months now. It is the longest I’ve ever been involved in sports-related activities, because I am a couch potato🙃. Thanks for making me like exercising 🌸
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Feel free to drop us a line about our booking a trial, personal training, memberships and packages. We get back to you within asap. WhatsApp has the fastest reply!

Or mail us at:

A: Convoy offers personal training, group classes, and training programs tailored to individual fitness goals and preferences.

To get started, you can schedule a free personal training intake or sign up for a trial week of our group classes. Our team will guide you through the process and help you choose the best option for your needs.

No problem! Convoy welcomes individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our trainers will design a program that suits your current abilities and gradually progress you towards your goals.

The frequency of attendance depends on your goals and availability. We recommend aiming for a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week to see progress and maintain consistency.

es, our group classes cater to a wide range of ages and fitness levels. Our trainers provide modifications and alternatives to accommodate individual needs within the group setting.

Absolutely! Our personal trainers will work closely with you to understand your goals and tailor a training program that addresses your specific needs, whether it’s strength building, weight loss, or overall fitness improvement.

1. Individualized, Science-Based Programming: Our personal training members receive more than just a workout. They benefit from individualized, science-based programming designed to optimize their progress and achieve their specific fitness goals. We take into account their unique needs, abilities, and preferences to deliver targeted and effective training sessions.

2. Open Gym Access: Unlike many other facilities, we provide open gym access to our personal training members. This means they have the flexibility to work out at their convenience outside of scheduled training sessions. It’s an added convenience and opportunity for them to supplement their training with additional exercises and practice.

3. Expert Guidance and Support: Our highly qualified trainers go beyond counting reps. They provide personalized guidance, coaching, and support throughout the entire fitness journey. From correcting form to offering motivation and education, our trainers are committed to helping our members achieve their best results.

4. Emphasis on Community and Motivation: Convoy fosters a supportive and motivating community atmosphere. We believe in the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire and encourage you along the way. Our members find a sense of belonging and camaraderie that enhances their fitness experience.

5. Holistic Approach to Health: We understand that fitness goes hand in hand with overall well-being. That’s why we take a holistic approach, addressing not only physical fitness but also nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle factors. Our aim is to help our members achieve a balanced and sustainable lifestyle for long-term success.

At Convoy, we’re more than just a gym. We’re a destination where science-based programming, open gym access, expert guidance, and a supportive community converge to create an exceptional fitness experience. Join us and discover the difference for yourself.

Yes, nutrition guidance is available as part of our holistic approach to health and fitness. Our trainers can provide general nutritional recommendations and advice to complement your training program.

Yes! We offer trial weeks for our group classes and free personal training intakes. It’s a great opportunity to experience our facilities, meet our trainers, and determine if Convoy is the right fit for you.

Yes, our trainers are experienced in working with individuals with various health concerns and injuries. They will adapt exercises and provide modifications to ensure a safe and effective workout.

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